Saturday, June 6, 2015

Good Bye May

Hey Everyone!

Wow I can't believe that June is already here, May came and went faster than I can believe.  It's been a really good week, pretty crazy, and pretty entertaining as well.

This week was the week of sickness in the zone of Calle Calle, the ironic thing about that is that we had our annual flu shots on Tuesday, so you would think we all should have been nice and healthy.  On Thursday as we were getting ready to eat lunch I got some pretty bad stomach pains.  I wasn't able to eat lunch and went home to lay down and wait the pain out a little.  Just as I started to feel better, we got a call from some missionaries in the zone letting us know that one of our missionaries was in the hospital and that they were going to keep him overnight for observation. We went out to relieve his poor companion who had been in the hospital all day long and I stayed with the sick misssionary through the night.  I got to sleep on a sweet armchair and everything! The next day they transferred him down to Osorno where they still have him in treatment.  We then had to run back to our house and get over to the interviews we had that day with President Obeso.

We've had some good success in finding people this week.  One of the young men in our ward took us to a friend who has been attending the mission preparation classes to play the part of investigator in the practices that they do. She is awesome and accepted the invitation to investigate the church with real missionaries, we'll be teaching her this week.  We were also able to teach the brother of one of the members of our ward who we have with a baptismal date for the 20th of June.

I was very gratefull for our interviews with President this transfer. Obviously this was my last interview with him until the end of my mission and I really appreciate the councel that he gave me.  One of the things that I really admire about President Obeso is his ability to discern through the spirit exactly what the people need to hear.  It is an ability that I want to develop myself.  Lately I have learned a lot of things in my mission and I have found myself thinking many times "why didn't I figure this out earlier in the mission?" but he helped me realize that that happens in really any position.  We are continually learning new things and overcoming past weaknesses and it does us no good looking on the past like that.  Rather, it does us a lot more good to look at the now and try to use what we have learned and do our best in our current circumstances.

Well that's about it for this week, hope you are all doing well and feeling happy in whatever you are doing.  Til next week.

Elder Cameron Dower

So just thought this was funny, so you can all see how much we are suffering down here in the end of the world, this is the weather forecast for this week. ;)

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