Thursday, October 30, 2014

¡Feliz Halloween!

So I really wish there was a cooler way to say happy halloween in spanish, but there isn't, at least not in Chile haha. Hey everyone! How are you all this fine day? We've had a pretty great week this last week down here in Quellon.

Last Monday we enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon playing ping pong in the church building.  I don't think I've ever mentioned that ping pong is a pretty popular sport down here and just about every church building in this mission has a table, so my skills have improved quite a bit in the past 15 months.

We had transfers this week, but luckily all of us in Quellon will be staying here another six weeks.  Also, my old companion, Elder Walker is coming into the zone in another area as well.  It'll be cool to catch up with him this week.

Thursday we did a really cool service project and chopped a ton of firewood for a couple in our sector.  It took all four of us to do it and we took a few hours to finish all of it, but it was a great feeling of satisfaction to see all the big giant logs turn into a bunch of little ones haha.

Best news of the week is that we were able to have a great lesson with Yohana and she accepted a baptismal date for next month.  I really believe she can make it with this one as long as she keeps doing the simple things like reading and praying and going to church.  Keep her in your prayers!

Well thanks everyone for all your prayers and support, once again, you are the best! I love you all, see you next week.

Elder Cameron Dower

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hey everyone!‏

Happy Monday everyone!  Here we are once again at the end of another week.  We've had a really fun, interesting week this week, but I'm really enjoying being here on the mission.  So remember how I got strept throat a couple weeks ago, well apparantly it really was contagious because Elder Dennis who lives in the same house with us got it this week as well and was out for a couple of days.  So I had to split my time between working with my companion in our area and working with Elder Hardy, his companion in their area.  It was a lot of work but the week ended really well.  The Assistants to the Mission President came down this weekend to go to church with us and taught us a lot and I'm really excited for this next week.

Ok well really sorry for the short update this week but I really have no clue what else to say haha.  Hope you all have a fantastic week, thanks for everything! Love you all!

Elder Cameron Dower

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Update‏

Hey everyone! Again, I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! Seriously it's crazy! We've had a really awesome week and I'm feeling really happy right now!

Highlights from the week are that on Thursday the zone leaders came down to do divisions in Quellon with my companion and I. So I got to spend the day working with Elder Jalen Jacobson, from the good old Syracuse West Stake.  I've known him since I'm pretty sure when we moved into Syracuse so it was really cool.  We had a great day and got tons of work done. We had an awesome lesson with Yohanna and I think she finally is going to get back with baptismal date this week, stay tuned for that.  She also came to church yesterday which was awesome.  I'm excited to see what happens this week.
Syracuse boys in Chile. Elder Jacobson and Cam

We also had interviews with President Obeso this Friday.  It was really awesome to talk with him about how I can do better as a missionary and a trainer and also to be better at seeing my own strengths and capitalizing on those.  Overall, I'm super excited to be here right now.

So that's about it for this week, sorry for the short update but thanks everyone for the support and love, you are all the best.  Love you all!

Elder Cameron Dower

bridge to paseo
Chileo zone activity

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Conference and Strept Throat‏

Well first off, sorry for writing a little later today and probably giving you a heart attack Mom.  We went on a zone trip to this little tiny island here on Chiloe. There's a little 200 yard wooden bridge leading out to it and it has nothing but an old run down catholic church and cementary on it.  Might sound wierd but it was super cool and I got tons of cool pictures. But because of that I'm short on time so I'll try to get as much in as quick as possible here.

So last Monday I came down with a cold towards the end of the day. It got to the point that my throat was killing me by Wednesday so I decided to call the mission nurse to see if there was something I could take for it.  She informed me that I had strept throat and because I was contagious, I couldn't leave the house until 24 hours after taking the antibiotic.  The problem was, the zone leaders in Castro had the antibiotic and weren't going to make it down until the next day. So poor little me and my companion were stuck in the house with nothing to do for two days, me with a very painful throat.  Luckily my awesome family had just sent me a package with gringo hot chocolate and a super comfy U of U blanket to keep me company.  And now I feel perfectly fine!

Conference was awesome! Unfortunately we weren't able to get much of it in English because we could only get one very slow connection in the church building, but luckily I understand Spanish now! The connection was really bad though and we were literally in the church building all of Saturday because it stopped so often it would take us four hours to watch a session.  So I can't really tell you a ton of specifics on my favorite talks because I loved all of them.  Really what I got out of it was a lot of excitement to do a lot of things better than I am.  As members of the church we shouldn't be content with just being here.  We have a lot of potential to do good in this world and serve our Heavenly Father.  That is why we are here and He has given us everything in order to be able to do so. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us so much to give us this wonderful plan of salvation and for the opportunity I have to be here on the mission and have all these opportunities to grow and progress and reach my potential.  Thanks everyone for all of your support.  Have a fantastic week.

Elder Cameron Dower

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Who's excited for Conference this week? I am!‏

Hey everyone, hope you've all had a fantastic week.  It's been a nice rainy one down here in Quellòn Chile and we're enjoying it.  I really cannot believe that it's already almost October, this will be my third general conference on the mission, only one more left! It also marks two years since President Monson announced the age change.  I remember being at cross country practice when Jeff Reed who was listening to the conference on the radio told us that we were gonna be allowed to leave on the mission at 18 instead of 19 and my buddies Landon, Parker, Tom and I all realized that that meant we could have our mission calls a few months from that,  Well here we are two years later in Taiwan, Indiana and Chile past a year in the mission field.  So much has changed in the past couple years I can't believe it.

Well as far as the work goes this last week has been pretty slow.  The branch had their annual temple trip to Santiago and were gone all week long.  We weren't able to teach most of our investigators as a result.  We ended up having probably the lowest week of my mission as far as numbers go which has been really frustrating.  But now we are starting a new week.  That is what I love about the mission.  As soon as Monday comes around we can forget about all of the challenges and difficulties of the last week and start all over.  I guess it's the same way in life.  Each day, each week, each month is an opportunity to start over thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  We are able to put the past behind us and move forward with faith that as long as we are doing our best, everything will work out fine.

Well sorry for such a short update but I hope you all have a great week, I love you all!

Elder Cameron Dower

Cameron and Elder Arp with the other new missionaries and trainers