Sunday, October 12, 2014

Conference and Strept Throat‏

Well first off, sorry for writing a little later today and probably giving you a heart attack Mom.  We went on a zone trip to this little tiny island here on Chiloe. There's a little 200 yard wooden bridge leading out to it and it has nothing but an old run down catholic church and cementary on it.  Might sound wierd but it was super cool and I got tons of cool pictures. But because of that I'm short on time so I'll try to get as much in as quick as possible here.

So last Monday I came down with a cold towards the end of the day. It got to the point that my throat was killing me by Wednesday so I decided to call the mission nurse to see if there was something I could take for it.  She informed me that I had strept throat and because I was contagious, I couldn't leave the house until 24 hours after taking the antibiotic.  The problem was, the zone leaders in Castro had the antibiotic and weren't going to make it down until the next day. So poor little me and my companion were stuck in the house with nothing to do for two days, me with a very painful throat.  Luckily my awesome family had just sent me a package with gringo hot chocolate and a super comfy U of U blanket to keep me company.  And now I feel perfectly fine!

Conference was awesome! Unfortunately we weren't able to get much of it in English because we could only get one very slow connection in the church building, but luckily I understand Spanish now! The connection was really bad though and we were literally in the church building all of Saturday because it stopped so often it would take us four hours to watch a session.  So I can't really tell you a ton of specifics on my favorite talks because I loved all of them.  Really what I got out of it was a lot of excitement to do a lot of things better than I am.  As members of the church we shouldn't be content with just being here.  We have a lot of potential to do good in this world and serve our Heavenly Father.  That is why we are here and He has given us everything in order to be able to do so. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us so much to give us this wonderful plan of salvation and for the opportunity I have to be here on the mission and have all these opportunities to grow and progress and reach my potential.  Thanks everyone for all of your support.  Have a fantastic week.

Elder Cameron Dower

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