Sunday, October 5, 2014

Who's excited for Conference this week? I am!‏

Hey everyone, hope you've all had a fantastic week.  It's been a nice rainy one down here in Quellòn Chile and we're enjoying it.  I really cannot believe that it's already almost October, this will be my third general conference on the mission, only one more left! It also marks two years since President Monson announced the age change.  I remember being at cross country practice when Jeff Reed who was listening to the conference on the radio told us that we were gonna be allowed to leave on the mission at 18 instead of 19 and my buddies Landon, Parker, Tom and I all realized that that meant we could have our mission calls a few months from that,  Well here we are two years later in Taiwan, Indiana and Chile past a year in the mission field.  So much has changed in the past couple years I can't believe it.

Well as far as the work goes this last week has been pretty slow.  The branch had their annual temple trip to Santiago and were gone all week long.  We weren't able to teach most of our investigators as a result.  We ended up having probably the lowest week of my mission as far as numbers go which has been really frustrating.  But now we are starting a new week.  That is what I love about the mission.  As soon as Monday comes around we can forget about all of the challenges and difficulties of the last week and start all over.  I guess it's the same way in life.  Each day, each week, each month is an opportunity to start over thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  We are able to put the past behind us and move forward with faith that as long as we are doing our best, everything will work out fine.

Well sorry for such a short update but I hope you all have a great week, I love you all!

Elder Cameron Dower

Cameron and Elder Arp with the other new missionaries and trainers

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