Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

It's been a really good week. I'm slowly but surely starting to get the language down more. I can definitely tell a difference between my understanding of people between now and when I got here.  We still don't have a ton of people to teach, but we're trying to work with our less active members more.  We had three people who hadn't been to church for a while at church yesterday which was awesome. We've noticed that a lot of less active members have family who aren't members so we're hoping that we might be able to get some for investigators from that.  One of them is named Marlene, she was a missionary a long time ago and really is a very faithful member, but her husband and son aren't members, so a little while ago she decided that she just couldn't take going to church and hearing about eternal families and everything when she knew that she didn't have one, it was a really hard situation. Monday night, my companion and I were trying to figure out who to go visit, and decided to just go visit her.  We got there and she said that she had just been praying for someone to come help her, because her husband had left a few days before and she didn't know where he was. We had to go run around to try to find a male member to go by with us because she was alone.  We went to a member's house and it turned out that he needed a priesthood blessing, so I annointed him with oil in Spanish for the first time. We went back to her house and it turned out that her son was home so we could go in and had a good discussion and she had what my companion calls a "come to Jesus moment." The next day, we had a couple appointments fall because the people weren't home (that's happened a lot this week) so we decided to say a prayer to know what to do, I asked Heavenly Father to let us know where we can to the most good.  Like 30 seconds after, she called us and asked if we could come over, her son was home.  We went and ended up teaching her and her son about the Restoration, and we challenged him to baptism and he said yes, if he gets an answer if the Book of Mormon and everything is true.  It really was an answer to our prayers because during my first week in the training program I'm supposed to do just that.

Everything is slowly coming, I'm starting to realize that that's how it goes. Maybe somewhere before the mission I convinced myself that everything would be easier for me or something, but it's not.  I'm learning patience a lot. 
Our mission president gave us a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" that I've been reading, it's really helped out a lot. If you get a chance, look it up!

I still miss everyone a ton, but I'm starting to get more used to things here.  Our house is alright, we have a gas heater, which is awesome because everyone up north has to chop wood for heat. Our bathroom is the only problem, but it works haha.  Keep being nice to the missionaries, because the members here are awesome, especially the bishop, he's always asking if there's anything we need.  They really look after us.  One of my favorite things to do when I'm meeting with people is to show them pictures of my family, they always say how "linda" our family is.

Thank you for everything, you're all the best. 

Love Elder Dower

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