Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 29, 2015

Week of "Lasts"

O my goodness.  I can't believe that I'm really sitting here writing my last email of the mission.  This week has been really strange, just about everything I've been doing has been my last time doing it.

So really quick highlights of the week.  Finally, we got to see the new church movie Meet the Mormons.  We've been working on a multistake activity for the last week that happened on Friday.  It was really sweet, a bunch of members were able to invite friends and family to "meet the mormons," The movie is sweet and brought a really powerful spirit which made me really grateful to be a member of this church.

My mission is ending on the greatest note.  Saturday was the baptism of Domitila, our investigator who we've been working with basically my whole time here.  It is definitely been the biggest miracle of my mission. When I got here she didn't want anything with the "b-word" and has gone from that to having a sincere desire to follow the Savior and have an eternal family with her son, who was able to baptize her.  On Sunday I had the honor to confirm her a member of the church which was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I'm so glad to have had this opportunity to serve the Lord and His children.

As I reflect back on the last two years I am literally without words to express what I have learned and felt in the service of the Lord.  It is impossible to sum up everything that has happened.  I hve learned that obedience is key, when we are obedient to the Lord and His servants, we are blessed and happy.  Every time.  When we are not obedient, we miss the blessings and are sad and frustrated. Every time.  I've also learned that the only way to be truely happy in life is to serve others.  The less we thing about ourselves and the more we focus on others, the better life is. I've also learned that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real.  I am not a perfect missionary or a perfect person, but I don't have to be, at least not right now.  For now I can rely on His grace and power in order to do what I need to do. He loves us always, despite our weaknesses and constant failures and gives us the opportunity to keep trying.  And last but not least my favorite spanish phrase "Ser Mormón es ser feliz" (to be mormon is to be happy). It's true!

Thanks everyone for your constant support and encouragement the prayers and inspiring emails each week. I would not have been able to do these last two years without each and every one of you. You are the best.

Well, see you all on Friday!

Love, Elder Dower

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