Monday, January 27, 2014

Well it has been a very busy week for Elder York and I.  But the best news is that we finally changed houses.  It was a big pain in the neck all week but way worth it.  No more mushrooms growing in the bathroom in the floor of dirt or doors that take three tries to shut it right or dog outside barking all night and keeping us up...(not that the other house was that bad, Mom...;).  But we were really busy with moving all of our stuff and setting up the desks and closets and everything.  It's really fun trying to put together a closet with directions the size of two dollar bills of just pictures haha.

Our ward has been doing really great this week.  Some previously active members wife have been coming to church three weeks in a row and now have a calling as ward activities coordinators, which makes me really happy.  To see them from the first time I met them when they weren't really that interested and just watched the tv the whole time we talked to them, to now.  I feel like just for that, my time here has been worth it.  We had a record attendance of 35 in sacrament meeting yesterday which made me really happy.  We're also going to have a baptism from the Sisters in our ward this Saturday, which will help the excitement of the whole ward.  Hopefully our investigators will go soon after them.

I've forgot to mention, but I'm playing the piano for sacrament meeting now, which is just great haha, I really should have practiced that more before my mission, but I get better each time, according to our bishop.

It's weird to think that I probably only have two weeks left here in this sector.  I really want to make sure that I make the most of it. I want to leave each area I'm at better than I found it.  We've had a lot of challenges here, but I have seen God's hand in my life daily.  I know that He lives and is mindful of each of us.  Through Him, we can overcome any obstacle in this life and reach our true potential and His children.  I'm so grateful to be here in His service.

Hope you all have a great week. Love you all

Elder Dower

The new "house"

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