Monday, February 3, 2014


Yea I bet that subject caught everyone's attention haha.  But seriously, this has been easy the best week of my mission.  We had a fun experience Monday, Dan Burton (that crazy guy from Utah who went to the South Pole) returned to Punta Arenas as the first man to ever ride a bike to the South Pole (pretty cool), so we served as translators for him and our bishop, he brought his bike with him so Elder York and I decided that we needed to take pictures with it.  After Elder York took his turn I tried to get on and, as I'm a little shorter than him and Dan, it was a bit tougher and right as I put my leg over, my pants ripped.... Everyone got a nice laugh out of that, but now I'm gonna have to learn how to sew pretty soon haha.  Tuesday, we had dinner with Bishop's family, Dan, and Vessa, Dan's friend from Finland who went to the South Pole on ski.  It was really cool, Elder York had a little English Book of Mormon that we gave to him and we taught a little about it.  So, we taught a guy from Finland, in English, in the house of our bishop in Chile... Who'd of thought? Vessa said that he is interested in visiting with the missionaries more.

Saturday, the sister missionaries in our ward had the first baptism that our ward has had in two and a half years (yes, they beat me to it, as our ward missionary said "Princesses, 1, Tanks, 0").  It was really awesome, I played the piano while some members sang the primary song "when I am baptized." Johanna, the Hermana who was baptized is awesome, and she's really good friends with Leslie, who came with Ariel too.  After the baptism, we all stayed and played ping pong while the water drained.  Johanna asked Ariel and Leslie when they were going to be baptized. That led to a great discussion with all of us.  We showed them a video that just shows pictures of temples and talked about how they can go get married there a year after being baptized.  The Spirit was there so strong.  Everyone had tears by the end of it.  They said that they would talk about it Saturday night.  We went and visited them yesterday and talked.  She said she'll get married if she can get the ring she wants, she'd do it right away.  So we're going to see what we can do about that.  Now that we've broke the ice about their marriage and everything, I think it will be a lot easier.  After writing we're going to go bowling with them.

Final piece of good news, I'm going to have my first baptism on Saturday.  Kassandra, a girl in the primary is turning eight this week and asked me to baptize her.  It doesn't technically count as a convert baptism but either way, I'm really excited and honored that she wants me to do it.

It's been a great week and a great testimony builder to me that the Lord really has a plan for everyone to accept the gospel, as long as we are worthy of the Spirit and focused on the work, He will work through us to accomplish His plan for everyone.

Hope everyone's had a great week, Love you all!

Elder Dower


Cameron answered a few questions that I sent to him

1.  What does a day in the life of Elder Dower look like?
        I get up at 7, exercise, shower, iron my shirt, get dressed, eat breakfast (granola), study for 2 hours, go to work, eat lunch with a member at 1, go back to work, then back home at 9 30 to plan, eat dinner, and go to bed.

2. Have you received any letters from home?
     Yes, I keep forgetting, I got a letter from Ash, grandma, and Tami I think, and I just got a couple from members of the ward last district meeting.

3. What is the weather like right now?
      The weather down here is starting to get colder again, summer is ending before it ever really began, but it's not bad.

4. Thanks for the pictures of your "house".  Describe it for us.
    the "house" is tiny but perfect for us, much cleaner and the shower is awesome!  The only problem is that the stove isn't hooked up yet so we can't cook, but I never cook anyway because I have no time so it's all good.

5. Have you been able to have any other fun Zone activities?  Pictures?
   We haven't been able to do anything as a zone since the penguins but the next thing would be a cave that we might be able to go to next week, I don't know, but everyone wants to go to Torres del Paine now because I'm one of the only ones who is still here that went last time, but they have to wait til I leave because I don't want to spend the money again haha.

6. When are transfers?  When do you find out about them?
    Transfers are next week, I'll know when I write on Monday.

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