Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hi everyone!

Once again the week has flown by and I can`t believe it's already over (yes, I realize I say that just about every week, but it's true!).  We've had a really great week which ended with a great Sunday yesterday.

We've been struggling fo a little while to get our investigators to church.  We've found some great people lately but for whatever reason, they just haven't been abe to make it to church. Finally, this week we were able to teach two of them, confirm their baptismal date for the end of the month, and commit them to church, and they came! What was the difference this week? The members! One of the investigators, Victoria, is the girlfriend of a less active member we were able to find a while ago, she is really interested and loves to learn about the church.  On Saturday we met as a ward to go visit people and we sent our ward mission leader along with his wife, the relief society president to go visit them. And they came! The other investigator with date, Alan, is th brother of a member in our ward.  We've been teaching him in the house of his brother. This week we brought a different member to the lesson with us as well and he invitied Alan to chuch. And he came! We're really excited about them.

Other fantastic experience from yesterday, with it being the first sunday of the month, we had fast and testimony meeting. To our surprise, our recent convert, Francisco, who is 12 years old got up to give his testimony.  It was one of the greatest testimonies I've ever heard! It's so great to see his progress and to have been able to be here for it.

Things are going great and I'm loving life here. Thanks everyone for your love and support. I love you all!

Elder Cameron Dower

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