Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another Week passed in the Blink of an Eye

Hey there everyone!

Once again the week has gone by and I can't even remember what the heck has happened.  All I know is that I feel good about it haha.

This week was really fun.  We did two exchanges this week in the zone.  On Tuesday Elder Wood came to our sector and we had a really good day.  We went out with our bishop to visit some members.  We've seen a ton of progress with our bishop.  Most of my mission we haven't had a great relationship with the bishop or branch president, but we've realized how important that is and have really improved our work with him as well as our ward mission leader.  Thursday I went with Elder Germann who is a newer missionary from Texas.  We had a really good day, I just hated feeling like the wise old man in the mission giving advice to a newer missionary haha.

Saturday was really fun. Our ward had its annual "Watermelon Festival."  Everyone had to bring a decorated watermelon and they gave out prizes for the best decorated, biggest and best tasting watermelon.  My companion and I decided to help our recent convert, Francisco with his.  We were on the hunt for the biggest watermelon available all week.  Finally we found one and decorated it as a shark! It ended up really cool.  And we won the prize for the biggest watermelon! Fransisco was super happy, even though he could hardly hold the watermelon up haha.

Our Awesome Watermelon Shark

Yesterday we had a great Sunday, even though it didn't start out so great.  In the morning we had ward council which started out great, until the members started arguing and contending with each other.  This has been something that we've struggled with in the ward, and it really impedes us from being able to work together as a ward. After the meetings we had our weekly meeting with the bishop and talked about it.  It was great.  He took everything we had to say so humbly and I'm really excited to see what happens.  We've just really lacked love here in this sector.  We feel like we're doing all the right things, but we don't really love the people we are working with and they don't feel our love, and that's why they don't come back. It made me think a lot about the motivation behind all the things that we do.  I feel like a lot of times we who have been members our whole lives are just so used to doing all the things that we do that we forget about the reasons that we do them.  If we have the love for God and our brothers and sisters here on earth, not only are we going to do all the things required of us, but we are going to do them from the heart, and we will be blessed so much more for them.

Thanks everyone for your support and love, you are all the best!

Elder Cameron Dower

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