Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hey Everyone!

Hope you've all had a fantastic week. I sure have. Things are going great here in Valdivia.  Every weeks has ups and downs but by the end of the week I usually just think it was a good week without really remembering specifics haha.

To start off this week we had a missionary in our zone have to go to Santiago for a few days to do things for his visa, so we had a trio from monday to wednesday with Elder Kvarfordt from St George Utah. It was fun to have the trio but it's alway a bit awkward to do things with three when you are used to having two.  Monday night we had a ward family home evening so Monday we decided to make some rice krispy treats to bring and everyone was amazed by our creation.  At least five people have asked us for the recipe haha.  It was great because a couple of investigators and less active members attended as well.

Tuesday we got a young man from the ward to accompany us so we could do divisions.  It was cool because I've been able to do very few divisions on my mission but we were able to get three lessons with member that day, which is probably more than I've ever gotten in one day in my mission.

Wednesday we decided to go work in Elder Kvarfordt's sector for a little while because it had been abandoned the past two days.  We were able to find a few inactive members through El Rescate (I love it).

Thursday we had the Biggs, a senior missionary couple in the mission who are awesome, come do house inspections in the zone (yes, mom, our house passed!) and we got to accompany them to some of the rest of the zone.

Friday we had a cool miracle that we were able to teach the father of an investigator family that we were working with when I got here, but we haven't been able to teach in quite a while.  He is super prepared and we are planning on putting him and his family with baptismal date this week.

Saturday was a little slow. The members of our ward had a ward trip that we weren't able to go on so we were left alone without most of our members and investigators home.  We were able to do some secret service for some of them by going by and cutting their grass.  Notice how I said "cutting their grass" and not "mowing their lawn,"  yea lawn mowers are really rare here so we got to cut the grass with scissors.

Yesterday we had a cool surprise when our investigator Felipe showed up to church (the son of that family I talked about earlier) he finally finished with his work he's been doing so we're going to be able to go by more this week. The bishop asked me to give a talk about 30 minutes before sacrament meeting started.  I thought I was gonna get through my mission without having to do that but nope.

So that's the week this week.  Hope you all have a great week this week, I love you all!

Elder Cameron Dower

Cameron's Mom received a special surprise this week with the following email.  She is so proud of her boy.

Dear Sister Dower,
     My husband and I are senior missionaries serving in the Chile Osorno mission.  We inspect missionary apartments as part of our assignment.  Last week we inspected Elder Dower's apartment and it was SO CLEAN!!!  Elder Dower asked me to email you and let you know about it.  I'm not sure if it was because he was (rightfully) so proud or if he didn't think you would believe it.  At any rate, he got an A from us in the inspection department.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  We are enjoying your son.  He is a super young man and a great missionary.  Love, Dennis and Jean Biggs

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