Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lovin Life in Chile

Hey everyone! How are you all doing?! I am fantastic! We have officially survived the hottest week of my mission! It's actually only been like 80 degrees but for what I've been used to in the mission it felt like it was over a hundred.  The bad news is that people say that it's gonna be even hotter this week. But even still, we're enjoying it!

So this week we had transfers which was my first time doing them as a zone leader. Since our mission is so big and long the zone leaders are in charge of sending all the missionaries to their new areas and recieving the new missionaries that come to our zone. Wednesday we had to be in the bus terminal at 6 in the morning to send off some missionaries and then wait for all the new missionaries in the zone to get here.  It was a little hectic when we have 13 other pairs of zone leaders to coordinate with, it takes about 10 hours or more to get from one end of the mission to the other and you have to fly to or from three of the zones.  It was fun too though because I got to see a lot of my friends in the mission who I haven't seen in a while.

It's been a really great week for my companion and I. We were able to put two investigators with baptismal date this week which was a huge miracle that we feel like was a result of our efforts to work better with the ward here.  We've been able to coordinate much better with our ward mission leader and bishop and the ward council as well, which has been a challenge in my whole mission. We have high goals for the year as a ward, and the Lord is blessing us with the opportunity to accomplish those goals. As a zone we have progressed a lot as well, with the transfers we recieved a lot of great missionaries who are excited to work in their new areas and are helping out a lot.

So this week is a special week for our family. Tuesday, the 13th was the 3 year aniversary of my Dad's liver transplant. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by since then.  I remember that time as one of the most difficult of my life but also as one of the biggest blessings. As a family we have grown so much together since then, as a family and spiritually as well. We have come closer to the Lord.  I love my family so much and am so glad for the opportunity I have now to help other people gain the same blessings that my family has enjoyed from being closer to the Savior.  I'm so grateful for the understanding that we have of the gospel and the perspective that it gives us in this life.

Thanks everyone for your support and love. I couldn't do this without you all.  Have a fantastic week!

Elder Dower

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