Monday, March 16, 2015

Another Week in Calle Calle

Hey everyone! Hope everything is well wherever you are in the world.  Things are going great here in Valdivia Chile.  I thing winter is finally at the door, it's not as hot anymore and people are saying that the rainy season should be starting any time now.  I'm hoping the nice weather lasts as long as possible because I know that once the rain starts, it won't stop until the end of my mission.

It's been a good week for us.  This week we had interviews with President Obeso.  It's great to be able to receive his counsel on what is going on in the zone and stake here.  We have a lot of challenges in the stake and we were able to find a lot of things that we need to work on as missionaries to be able to help the work progress here.

I've been a bit frustrated this week as well.  With Elder Bustamante gone for a couple days, we had to cover two sectors for the time he was gone.  We lost contact with a lot of investigators for that.  Saturday we had to go on emergency divisions to help an Elder in the zone who's been having a tough time.  I was happy to see that we were able to fulfill our purpose in different ways such as that though.  This week we are hoping to have more time to get things going in our own sector and be more of an example for the rest of the zone.

It's made me reflect a lot on the beginning of my mission and I remember how tired I always was and any excuse to not have to knock doors or walk all day in the street was welcome.  It's interesting to see how my desires have changed throughout the mission.  It's funny that now I want nothing more than to be able to talk with people about the gospel and help them to come unto Christ.  I guess that is what the gospel and the Atonement is all about, changing ourselves to be better disciples of Jesus Christ and doing His work here on the earth.

Thanks everyone for all of the love and support, I love you all!

Elder Cameron Dower

Today we went to a beach called Niebla close by

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