Saturday, March 7, 2015

O How I Love Transfers...

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well this week.  This week we had trasfers in the mission which is just a whole bunch of fun for the zone leaders here.  First of all I had to get up at 4 30 in the morning to go to the bus terminal and send my companion to Chiloe which is a pretty long bus ride from here. My new companion, Elder Bustamante from Colombia got here at about 3:00 so we got to work a little in our sector but had to go back to receive the missionaries that got in from Punta Arenas and were waiting there from 8 30 to about 11 at night.  Needless to say, I slept really well that night.

Friday we had our mission leadership council, which was great.  I always love receiving instruction and council from President Obeso about how I can help the zone progress.  I needed it, because right when we got back from Osorno we had to solve a lot of problems in the zone among the missionaries which is my least favorite part about being a zone leader.  Sometimes I wonder why in the world the Lord would put two twenty year old kids here to help other 20 year olds with their problems but I am very grateful for the experience and for what I am learning with these things.  As sad as it is that these problems happen, I am grateful for them.

That is what I have learned a lot this week with my new companion.  When we are comfortable, we don't progress and don't have to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  It is in the challenges and the trials that we have to learn and become better people.  My mission hasn't been easy.  I have really never been in an easy situation. But I know that I could not have learned so much nor progressed in any other way.  I am grateful for the love that the Lord has for me and for all of us to put us in difficult situations so that we can become better.

Thanks for all of your support, I love you all.

Elder Cameron Dower

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