Monday, December 9, 2013

It's been a really good week.  We had our Christmas Zone Conference which was really good.  President Rappleye said "we are not baptizing because we do not have the Spirit..." Wow! smack to the face!  He's seriously one of the smartest people I've met, and a great leader.  So yea, we're focusing on keeping the Spirit.  Hermana Rappleye also spoke and talked to us about talking to everyone.  My favorite quote from that was "be NORMAL!"  because there are a lot of missionaries who are not normal when they talk to people and who wants to talk to some random white guy trying to speak spanish? Not many haha, but when we become their friends, then the want to listen more. It was a good conference, we sang Christmas carols (in English, the five latinos in our zone had no idea what was going on haha) and... I got my package!  I'll send a picture of my tree here in a sec.

We're finding more good people this week and I'm looking forward to the next week.  The biggest highlight is that we found a new person to teach.  He's from another city up north in the Concepcion mission and was being taught be the missionaries there, but moved down here in our sector.  Basically, he already knows everything and really wants to be baptized!  Hopefully he will be baptized the 21st, if he decides to stay down here longer.  I'm really excited to see what happens there.  Saturday night we got a call from these zone leaders from the concepcion mission about it.  They started yelling at my companion on the phone that we can't baptize him or whatever so after they called, Elder York just called President Rappleye, then President Rappleye called them and gave them a talk they won't forget haha, because number one, they aren't allowed to call outside of their mission and two, they were just mean, it was funny haha.

So I've started doing something, I've noticed that pretty much every day, something really funny/weird happens, so I'm keeping track of them, for example, Thursday, we talked to one lady outside of her house, in the end she tried to give Elder York a besito (which is like a little kiss on the cheek that everyone does down her but not the missionaries) but he had to evade it haha, also we knocked a door and talked to this old lady who was just chowing down on an apple haha. Friday I had an intercambio with Elder Jimenez, from Santiago.  We talked to an old man on the street and in the end he told Elder Jimenez that he speaks really good spanish...I laughed a ton walking away. Funny things happen as a white guy trying to talk to people about religion in Chile haha.

I can't believe Christmas is only in two weeks! I'm really excited for it and to see and talk to you all!

Have a great week, I love you!

Elder Dower


What do you do each day?  lots of walking and lots of contacts,
On Pday? we do laundery, write, and buy food each pday and then whatever we want with the time leftove (within the rules of course)
Do you really have everything you need?  YES!!!
Is there something you would like to buy yourself for Christmas?  Maybe
What is it? I might get a portable DVD player that I can use to teach people, and I'm probably going to buy some hair clippers to use to cut my hair, I taught myself to do it when I used Elder Nuttall's
Do you still fit in your clothes, or are you gaining weight and need new clothes?  Yes I still fit!!! I've gained a little I think, but not that much haha .

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